What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Unit in Sherwood Park

Air Conditioner Sherwood Park | What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Unit

Do you know what to look for in an air conditioning unit? Read further to find the top factors you will want to consider before making this big purchase. We will share the pros and cons of the units you may be considering. This is a more costly addition to your home, so you want to get all the facts first and weigh them before pulling the trigger on the purchase. It’s worth the time and energy to make sure you buy the right one that will be efficient and give you what you want.

Choosing the correct AC unit for you

Your money is hard earned, so you want to be happy with the decision without having buyer’s remorse. If you are nice and cool and comfortable in your home, you will have been glad you made the effort to research it before purchasing it.

Consider the size

Capacity is the first factor to consider when purchasing your air condition unit. You want to be sure the unit you choose does the job for the size of your house. Not only does this directly affect the efficiency of the unit, but it will make your unit last. The room or house size matters in your decision.

Be as energy efficient as possible

Energy efficiency is the second factor you will consider when purchasing an AC unit. You want to be sure you see the star rating for energy efficiency label. This is important because the higher the efficiency the lower the utility bills associated with running your unit.

Different Styles of AC Units in Sherwood Park

The style of unit you chose to cool your home matters the most. You have three main ones to choose from: split, window, or central air conditioning systems. They all have pros and cons to them. The great thing about a window unit is the low barrier to entry to buying and installing them. Unfortunately, one window AC unit is only good for the room it’s placed in. If you need only one to help cool you when you are sleeping then these are a sufficient answer. Because these AC units are placed in the window, they will help to cool only the room they are placed in.

Perks of a mini-split system in your home

A mini split system can be installed anywhere in the home, on a wall and even a ceiling. The one drawback about them, is the higher initial cost compared to the other types of cooling systems on the market. An advantage of these is that four indoor units can be tied into one outdoor unit to cool and heat the home. You can place the indoor units in the highest traffic or most needed areas to cool your home. They are very efficient when running. The greatest thing about the mini split system is that you do not need existing duct work to make them function. The second greatest thing is they function as a heater as well.

Have a good air filter installed

If you are looking to improve the air quality in your home, the right AC system will provide solutions. The air filter is the most important part of this function. They help remove dirt, debris, and allergens from the air. They can even filter smoke and odors. Along with this you will need to pay attention to the dehumidifier part of the system. This will add to better cooling and increased comfort.

Cooling speed is the next factor to consider when choosing an AC unit. If you can afford an AC unit that has variable speeds you can enjoy the function of setting it and forgetting it. There are units with pre-set variable temperatures within this system that improves efficiency with cooling and therefore decreases the cost to run it.

Price is always a considering factor. You’ll have to do your homework in comparing models and brand to brand. Some brands are more entry level while others are built to last. Usually, the cheaper brands have more fixes in their future. This leads to more maintenance and cost down the road.

Don’t DIY The AC installation, get professional help

Installation and maintenance will affect the performance of the AC unit. If you have a professional HVAC company like Hinse Brothers Mechanical come in and install your air conditioning unit, you are in good hands. They will not oversell you. Using their expertise, they will install the system so that it runs the most efficiently and causes the least issues down the road. They also consider the location to install so that there is the least amount of noise pollution.

There are a few other things to look for in an air conditioning unit before you make your purchase. You can research this information yourself. Look for reviews from other customers on performance and all after-sales service feedback. How often does it need maintenance? What is the typical cost for service and maintenance? What are the most common and frequent issues that come up for other users?

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It can be difficult to find a reputable and trustworthy company to help you find the air conditioning unit you need. When you call Hinse Brothers Mechanical you are getting the experts that will only sell you what you need based on your specifications. We don’t believe in upselling our customers just to make a few extra dollars. You need a unit that will get the job done efficiently, for the right price. If there are extra features you desire we will show you what the cost would be for those and if they are worth the extra.

We offer more than just air conditioning installations too. We service and repair all parts of the HVAC system. Our award-winning professionals offer the most reliable customer service. We also offer service on commercial and industrial properties. During the hot summer months, we will come to you whether it’s a domestic, industrial or commercial property to service, repair, replace and install the best air conditioning unit within your budget. It is our pleasure to give our advice and therefore give you options to choose from when choosing a leading brand and model air conditioning unit as well as parts.

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