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Our plumbers at Hinse Brothers Mechanical are trained, certified, experienced and highly skilled. We have the best plumbers in town, meaning you can trust in our experts. It is often difficult to find a trustworthy, professional plumber who can do the job right without cutting corners, compromising on quality, or charging an arm and a leg! We are also the best air conditioner Sherwood Park installers.

At Hinse Brothers Mechanical, we put quality first. We use only the best materials and products and have the best plumbers around on our team. Whether you have issues with leaky faucets, clogged indoor or outdoor drains, corroding pipes or sump pump issues, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of plumbing Sherwood Park services, as well as services for HVAC, hot water tanks and furnaces, among others. If you’re also looking for air conditioner Sherwood Park repair, HVAC services, furnace services or boiler and heating repair near you, we’re here to help.

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Looking for boiler heating repair or air conditioner Sherwood Park near you?

Proper maintenance of your water heater prevents unnecessary breakdowns and repairs. A water heater in a home will need annual maintenance to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. Also, unserviced air conditioner units will cost more to fix with time.

We have extended our award-winning services to cover a number of needs in the commercial and domestic sectors, including our popular services such as HVAC repair near you (in areas including Beaumont and Sherwood Park). This means you only need to deal with one contact at one organization to get all of your plumbing Sherwood Park, heating and HVAC needs met. Our friendly staff ensure that the process is as effortless as possible.

Beaumont Furnace Repair

Sherwood Park Heating | High Efficiency Furnace

Furnace repairs are best avoided with timely service and inspections before the coldest months of the year begin. During the winter, your furnace is under a greater deal of strain. Any underlying weaknesses will become apparent and turn into a full-blown heating issue.

There are many elements that are interlinked in order to get a furnace operating optimally and efficiently. Common furnace problems include gas bills that are higher than they should be, a furnace that is not producing adequate heat or a furnace that is failing to warm up at all.

Wondering what’s wrong with your furnace? There are a number of possibilities.

One of the most common problems with furnaces is clogged filters. The filters are responsible for assisting in the circulation of warm air. Clogged filters can lead to a buildup of heat inside the furnace, damaging its components and failing to heat your home adequately.

This is one of the most common issues we see with furnaces that are not serviced frequently. What should be a quick and inexpensive maintenance job can become costly if the problem is ignored and the components inside suffer damage due to overheating.

We offer professional furnace repairs in Beaumont — and the fact that we specialize in servicing local areas gives us a distinct advantage. It means we can answer your needs more rapidly and efficiently!

Air Conditioner Repair


We offer hassle-free air conditioning repair in Sherwood Park. Air conditioners work by drawing in hot air and running it over cooling coils that separate the air from the moisture. The unit deposits the moisture outside and sends a fresh wave of cool air continuously indoors.

During the hottest months of the year, air conditioners tend to take on a lot of strain. Continuous use given the need for cool temperatures render them absolutely invaluable. This is why the best time for air conditioner maintenance is during the cooler weather, so you have ample time to prepare for the next hot summer!

Spring is the perfect time to ensure the health of your air conditioner Sherwood Park so that by the summertime, you know you will have a functional unit that is prepared to handle the load.

Hinse Brothers Mechanical has a team of experienced technicians. The complex, intricate components of air conditioning units should only be handled by a professional. Our team of air conditioner Sherwood Park professionals has the expertise to handle any kind of air conditioning repair or maintenance, giving you super quick and stress-free repair services.

Contact us for convenient and efficient repair services today!

Plumbing Sherwood Park Services


Plumbing services are almost always urgent. By the time you realize there’s a problem, you need the plumber to arrive as quickly as possible.

We understand this and are familiar with the sense of urgency that comes with a call to a plumber. Whether you are concerned about the damage being caused to your premises if there is a leak or have had to turn off your water supply while you wait for a plumber to arrive, we know it’s always a frustrating situation.

As a local plumbing services organization, we strive to deliver fast and efficient service. We are an award-winning team with good reason, providing service for repairs, replacement and maintenance of the following:

Drain Cleaning

Toilet Repair

Sewer Lines and Excavation

Faucet Repair

Sink Repair

Sump Pump

Leak Repair


Ready for exceptional service? We’re your award-winning repair services in Beaumont and nearby — so contact us today.

Boiler Heating Repair


Boilers can be complicated. Locating the source of a problem requires expert knowledge of the parts, valves and controls in a boiler unit. Usually, our services are needed when a boiler fails to produce hot water.

We perform routine checks, starting with the most obvious points:

Checking for adequate water levels

Ensuring that the control valve for the burner is open

Testing the functionality of the electronic burner ignition (where applicable)

Investigating the thermostat functionality

Once we have established that these points are all operating as they should, we can start to look further for the source of the problem.

We also address all other issues associated with boilers, including boilers that don’t produce enough heat, water leaks surrounding the boiler, radiators that don’t work, noisy pipes and issues with the expansion tank.

Boiler heater repairs and maintenance, much like our plumbing services, often call for urgent attention.

In the case of leaks, the urgency can be escalated further since there is a risk of structural damage to other areas of the building. We urge you not to hesitate and to call us immediately if you spot a leak, even if it’s only minor.

Contact us for friendly and efficient boiler heating repair near you.

Plumbing Sherwood Park | Hinse Brothers Mechanical

Ready for exceptional service?


Boiler Heating Repair

Boilers can be complicated. Locating the source of a problem requires expert knowledge of the parts, valves and controls in a boiler unit. Usually, our services are needed when a boiler fails to produce hot water.


Air Conditioner Repairs Specialists in Sherwood Park.

As award-winning professionals in Sherwood Park and surrounding areas, Hinse Brothers Mechanical offers some of the most reliable air conditioning repairs in Sherwood Park & Beaumont, AB. We offer a range of complementary services in the area, such as boiler repair near Edmonton, Sherwood Park and other regions close-by.

Plumbing Sherwood Park

Beaumont Furnace Repair

Furnace repairs are best avoided with timely service and inspections before the coldest months of the year begin.


HVAC Service & Repair

At Hinse Brothers Mechanical, our team consists of your local experts in installation and HVAC repair in Beaumont, AB. We have years of guaranteed experience in installing HVAC systems, as well as performing repairs and maintenance.



Canadian winters are harsh, meaning that efficient heating is important for when things get frigid! A reliable heating system will help provide the heat that you need, when you need it.

Curtis Scott
Curtis Scott
Calls for our furnace not running properly. Hinse was quick to respond and the technician worked to get the issue diagnosed quickly and thoroughly. He returned with the parts and installed and tested the furnace with the new parts. I would recommend Hinse for any issues with HVAC items.
David Jenkins
David Jenkins
The Hinse Brothers are fantastic. Reliable, responded quickly and the service done is exceptional.
Candace Garcia
Candace Garcia
Nicholas was extremely knowledgeable and was amazing in answering any questions we had. He got the job done in a timely matter and kept us informed every step of the way. Highly recommend!
Jeremy Comeau
Jeremy Comeau
Very polite gentleman showed up when he said he would, gave a free estimate first then completed the job the same day. I would definitely use them again in the future!!!
Mark Bevan
Mark Bevan
Very responsive and helpful in addressing the problem.
chris newton
chris newton
Response time was impressive and the Good Work was completed efficiently. Thanks again For the Great Service!!

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