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HVAC Services

At Hinse Brothers Mechanical, our team consists of your local experts in installation and HVAC repair in Sherwood Park, AB. We have years of guaranteed experience in installing HVAC systems, as well as performing repairs and maintenance. A properly functioning HVAC system is crucial in any building or home. It is both the framework and driver of heating, cooling and ventilation in any space.

If you’re looking for services for HVAC in Sherwood Park, Beaumont or surrounding areas, we have you covered. With years of proven experience and customer satisfaction, Hinse Brothers Mechanical is the place to contact if you need any HVAC services near you in the Edmonton area.




At Hinse Brothers Mechanical, our team of experts provide professional HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services. We are committed to delivering quality products and service at excellent rates.

In addition to HVAC, we offer a wide variety of services in a variety of areas to cover all of your ventilation and temperature control needs:

Air conditioning unit installation in Sherwood Park
Air conditioning repair
Furnace repair in Beaumont
Furnace replacement in Sherwood Park
Boiler repair
Hot water tank installation



Canadian winters are harsh, meaning that efficient heating is important for when things get frigid! A reliable heating system will help provide the heat that you need, when you need it. We offer top-of-the-line heating systems that deliver on quality, giving you the warm, comfortable indoor spaces you deserve.


A good ventilation system provides good circulation of fresh air into buildings. Newer HVAC systems deliver a higher percentage of fresh air from outside to help create excellent indoor air quality. Good ventilation is good for your health and for the items in closed indoor spaces.

Importantly, it also helps to clear moisture, dust, smoke, vapours, odours, airborne particles (including bacteria and viruses) and removal of gases, such as carbon dioxide and replenishment of oxygen.

Do you need urgent boiler repairs for your home? Contact us today. As a local service provider, we can offer you a speedy appointment.

Air Conditioning

Summers can get hot so to help cool down, make your home an oasis retreat with excellent air conditioning. Hinse Brothers Mechanical offers industry-leading air conditioning units with expert technicians for installation.

We also offer repair and maintenance services for existing air conditioning units. So get ready for those lazy summers with quality air conditioning for your spaces from Hinse Brothers Mechanical!