The Top 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems In Sherwood Park Homes

Welcome back to the Hinse Brothers Mechanical YouTube channel. I’m Trevor, and today I’m here again with Adrian Hinse. He’s one of the brothers behind Hinse Brothers Mechanical, and he does all of the sales and I guess handles the customer questions and the occasional complaint. Our topic for today is the top 10 most common air conditioning problems, so problems with your AC system. And these are things that happen probably all the time. You get calls like this saying, Hey, this is happening. That’s happening.

So we’re just gonna discuss some of those things today with you. This might have happened to you, and if so, we can provide some answers, hopefully today. And if you’re in the Sherwood Park area, you can by all means, call Adrian at Hinse Brothers. We’re gonna put the, the phone number below here so you can give them a call or you can reach out.

Go to their website, And they can you know, get in touch with you and help you solve your air conditioning problems. So, starting off, we always like to use a, a good inspirational quote, and this one is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and I’m just gonna read it for you. Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. You guys are trailblazers when it comes to the whole heating, plumbing, air conditioning type of business in the Sherwood Park area.

And you know, that’s really what it comes down to is making sure that you guys are blazing that trail. You’re doing things that are different. You’re not, you know, keeping the status quo with your business. You guys are, are going forward doing videos like this that most people in your industry would never do because they’re frightened of being in front of a camera.

But we’re here ’cause we wanna make sure we get this information out to people and they can have a reliable source of information, right? That’s right. Okay. So quick statistic for you guys. HVAC industry trends show that the split type room air conditioners are the most popular type of unit by far. That’s global. Mind you, the global demand from them was over 83.46 million in 2018, and I’m sure that’s gone up considerably since then. Okay.

So we’re just gonna go over this list and the first question on the list is, why is my air conditioner constantly running?

So this happens, tell us what the possible problems are. Thanks, Trevor. There’s a few different reasons why your air conditioning unit may not be stopping. Right. Okay. So the first one is, the most common is a clogged furnace filter. Okay. So it could be your filter is, is plugged and it’s not allowing air to flow through, which works the system quite a bit harder.

The next one would be you could have heat registers or return grills that are being blocked as well. So airflow is a big issue when it comes to your air conditioner not functioning properly. Okay. So airflow is a major problem as to why it might be running constantly. Is there anything else that might be the, the culprit behind that? Yes, there could be issues such as wiring. You may have a loose wire somewhere, you might have a malfunctioning thermostat, these types of issues.

The other thing is if your air conditioner runs for long extended periods of time but does shut off, it’s not always a bad thing. Okay. So longer run times with an air conditioner, if it’s sized properly, will actually reduce wear and tear on the unit itself. Okay. So whereas if it’s starting, if it’s going on and off all the time most of the wear happens while the unit starts up.

Okay. So we need to keep that in mind as well. So if it’s starting up over and over and over on and off, you could have an AC that’s too big for your house. Oh, okay. So you might have, have a problem where it’s too big. There could be other things. The best thing to do would be to give Adrian a call and he can come out and diagnose the problem, or he can send a technician to come out and diagnose the problem for you. Yeah.

Okay. that’s great. So the next question on the list that people have when we’re talking about the 10 most common AC problems at least in the Sherwood park area, right for HVAC:

Why won’t my AC turn on?

So the, the main issues, if your AC won’t turn on, you may have a blown breaker or a trip fuse. You could have loose wiring to either your thermostat or to the unit. Or you may just have a malfunctioning unit that needs a service. So the best thing to do would be to give us a call. We could send a technician right over, they could inspect the system, do some diagnostics, make sure we can get it up and running properly. Yeah. No, that sounds good.

If you’re unsure in any way as to why the unit won’t come on at all you know, like, like you said, maybe the breaker is either tripped or it was turned off in the fall and you just didn’t turn it back on again. So those are easy ones to fix, but anything beyond that, give, give these guys a call.

Why is there no cool air circulating throughout my house?

So again, it could be an airflow issue, like your check your, your furnace filter. Make sure that’s not plugged. There’s no cool air running through the house. It could be that your unit may be frozen up. So if you say you have a leak in the system or it’s not functioning properly it could be frozen up and, and needs a service. Okay. So now you’re, you’re trying to get cooler through your house.

So if it’s frozen, wouldn’t that be a good thing? No, it’s actually not a good thing. If the unit runs nonstop due to lack of refrigerant or the unit’s too small, or it’s combating another heat source in the home, these are issues that’ll cause the unit to work too hard. The low refrigerant levels, you could potentially have a leak in the system, which needs to be repaired right away or it may just be a little bit low over years of, of being used. Right. Right.

So these, we should definitely have an inspection done and, and make sure we get the proper solution to the problem. Okay. Yeah. And if you have a gigantic ice block in your, in your doctor, that’s, that’s a bad thing. Yeah. A bad thing. Big, big block of ice. And that has to be kind of defrosted and so forth and yeah. You have to wait a while, shut the unit off right away and set up an appointment and we’ll come there within a day or so, or day or two days, just allow the unit to thaw completely. That way we can properly diagnose the problems. Awesome. Cool. So there you have it folks.

Next question on the list is, or next problem that people have with their AC unit is, why is hot air coming out of the registers?

Why is there hot air coming out when your ACs on? That’s odd. Very odd. That is odd. Then again, that could be a blockage in the air system. You may have a frozen evaporator coil. There could be a problem with your air conditioner’s not turning on. But your thermostat is calling to Cool. So what it’s actually doing is telling the furnace blower motor to turn on and it’s taking hot air through your fresh air vent from outside and blowing that into your house.

Oh, that’s not good. No. So if you give us a call, we can figure out what the problem is, get that air conditioner back up and running for you. Yeah. ’cause we don’t want hot air when we want to cool off the house. That’s a, that’s kind of going against what we’re trying to accomplish with an air conditioning system I’d.

So if that’s happening to you, give these guys a call. And if you’re not in the Sherwood Park area or surrounding areas and you are having these troubles, you can call your local HVAC contractor. But being in insured park for Saskatchewan Edmonton, you know, Beaumont areas definitely give Hinse Brothers mechanical a call and they can come out, diagnose your problem and get you back in the coolness, back in the coolness in your house.

Right. Because, you know, we, we don’t get hot weather for very long, but when we get hot weather, it’s really hot. I think last year we got into 40 degrees Celsius temperatures, which is like Africa hot, like super hot. Which is great. I mean, I, I love, you know, the heat, but you know, it can make it very difficult to, to get to sleep at night feel comfortable during the day.

You can’t cool off. And also it’s hard on electrical equipment, hard on computers and, and those types of of things. So it shortens their lifespan. So definitely get your AC system checked out by Hinse Brothers mechanical. Okay.

Next big question that people have about top 10 most common AC problems is why is there ice forming on my air conditioner?

So where would this ice form and how would people know this is happening? So the ice could be forming on the evaporator coil, which is located just above your furnace. So you may have water leaking out from just above your furnace onto the floor or something like that. You could find ice next to your outdoor unit where the connections are. That’s a little bit of a sign that you may have a leak or the unit’s working too hard.

Again, let the whole system thaw out completely and make sure you give us a call to come service that for you. Yeah, we’ve had issues with that in our previous building. We got the biggest unit we could possibly get, but we’ve got, you know, we have 900 watts per, you know, computer unit that is putting out heat and there’s eight or 10 of them, you know, per building. So it’s produces a lot of, so the air conditioner couldn’t keep up, so it would constantly freeze up, turn off, and basically it’s just blowing hot air, not doing much of anything.

So now that’s why we’ve got the mini, mini ductless split systems, which is awesome and it works really great. So we’ve got a combination thereof. But yeah, I’ve, we don’t go outside and say, I bet you anything it’s frozen.

Sure enough, there’s a big block of ice on the connection point. So I’ve had that problem before and it really sucks because you want to cool things off, but I just can never keep up. So now next question. Thank you for, for that answer why does my AC turn off and on so often?

So we touched a little bit on this, but maybe there’s some more reasons why this could be a possible scenario. So again airflow issues. If, if the ducts are plugged, they’re not letting the air through it’s, it’s not gonna be functioning properly, right? Another issue is if you have an oversized unit it’s going to cool off too quickly. Okay? So it’s actually gonna cool the room off so quickly that it’s gonna satisfy your thermostat and you’re still gonna have hot areas throughout.

So once the air conditioner turns off, the hot air has a chance to creep its way back over to the thermostat causing it to turn on again. And this isn’t actually a, an ideal situation because your air conditioner’s meant to run for longer periods of time rather than turning on and off. So if that’s happening, make sure you give us a call and we’ll check out why that’s happening. You know, you want to have the proper sized equipment for the space.

Okay. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Now that you say it, you know, ’cause a lot of people think, well, maybe bigger is better. You might need, you know, the biggest one you can get, which is what, a three and a half ton air conditioner for a residential. Five ton.

Five ton. Oh my god, that’s huge. Five. So you get that in there and you have a small house. I can see the thing would be cycling on and off all the time. Which again, not a, not a good scenario to have, so Absolutely.

So make sure you get it done right. So that’s why you gotta call the professionals like Hinse Brothers mechanical because they take into account, you know, the, the cubic or cubic space and how much room has to be heated or cooled so that they size it correctly for your house if it’s not sized correctly. Run into issues. Right. Plus you’d be paying a lot more for a larger unit when you don’t have to, right? That’s right. Makes they’re much more expensive. Totally.

Alright, so the next big question that comes up with air conditioning units is why is there liquid leaking from the ac?

So typically if there’s liquid leaking from your ac it might be normal. Okay? So if it’s coming through your, there should be like a plastic PVC pipe coming off of your evaporator coil just above the furnace. Okay? So that’s normal. You want to have condensate flowing through that. Actually, if it’s not flowing through that and the air conditioner’s running, you could have a blockage. Okay? So it’s a good thing to have water flowing through there.

That’s condensation created through the cooling process. The, the other thing you might have is if your unit is icing up. So if your evaporator coil’s icing up above your furnace, that could be thawing out your, it’s not actually functioning Okay. And it’s leaking water on the floor. Gotcha. So you definitely want to keep an eye out for any kind of frost forming or anything like that. Okay? And if it is, give us a call. Let it out. Shut it off, let it out. And we will get over there and service it for you.

And, you know, we wanna make sure that you get to the core of the issue, like why it, why is it happening, when is it continuing to happen? Is it persistent? You know, and you can go through a list of, of other things to diagnose, like not enough refrigerant or, you know, improperly sized unit or blocked ducts or whatever. So there’s a lot of things that you can look at in order to determine what the problem is. So you get a, a not just a quick fix, but you get a complete fix for the issue, right?

So the next one that we have here is why does the air conditioning circuit breaker trip continuously?

That’s a problem. So there’s a few different things that could be happening. You may have a wiring issue with the unit the unit could also be overheating. So if there’s no air flow, you plug filter, things like that unit’s running constantly and it, it will trip, it’ll actually trip itself. Another issue is if you, if there’s a problem with your fan motor on the outdoor unit, right? So that could cause a tripping as well. Okay? So these things can be diagnosed during a regular service.

We’ve got a checklist that we use and we can check out every situation on the air conditioner and make sure it’s functioning properly. All right? So again, there you have it folks. If you have an issue with your air conditioning unit and the breaker keeps stripping off and on you know, sometimes it can be a, a question as far as you know I think the best thing would be to call an air conditioning service technician from Hinse brothers mechanical in Sherwood park.

Or after that, if that, that doesn’t turn out right, you can actually have a, an electrician look at it too to see if it’s a wiring problem or perhaps a problem with your breaker or a, a bigger issue concerning the wire or disconnect or something along the way. But I think the first step would be to call Hinse brothers and get one of their technicians to come out and take a look. ’cause If it is something like a pump a motor or something of that nature, they would be able to diagnose that faster than an electrician would. Okay? So give them a call.

The next one we have here is why does it smell like my AC is burning?

That’s weird. So again, that’s similar issues to the last one we just talked about if your fil furnace filter is plugged it’s causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Okay? Right? So that’s gonna cause that burning smell, if you wanna call it that overheating of the system, things like that. These are very hard on the equipment. Okay?

So we want to be very careful. You know, the rule of thumb is every two to three months you wanna change that filter, at least check it, make sure it’s clear. Right? Okay. Alright. So good filter and make sure that nothing else is burning. Yeah, that’s right. Make sure nothing else is burning. Okay, the next one here.

Why are there strange noises?

So this is our last and final question as to, you know, the top 10 AC issues that people have and questions they have about the air conditioning unit is, why are there strange noises? So there could be several different strange noises. One thing to keep in mind is that your furnace is a big part of the air conditioning system.

Yeah. So we would definitely have to take a look at your furnace. You could have your blower motor might be not working properly. It could be bearings or loose, something like that. Your outdoor unit, your air conditioner the fan motor could be, there could be an issue there. Bearings going it could be like a vibrating sound or something like that. Another thing is your compressor, if it’s not functioning properly or if it’s on its way out, it’s gonna be quite noisy.

Last one is probably the hard start. So when your air conditioner starts up, it uses a lot more energy and that’s kind of when it’s producing the most wear and tear on the unit itself. So we can actually install what’s called a hard start system that’ll allow it to run a little more smoothly upon startup.

Okay. Yeah. So kind of has a little bit of a, a boost to help it. That’s right. Start up with less less current draw kind of thing. That’s right. Awesome. So it’s quieter, quieter noise. Not as much noise when it starts up. So it won’t be disturbing your neighbors as much in the middle of the night when it turns on and off, which I’ve had before. So anyways, that’s, that’s all for us today. Thank you so much for joining us here on this video. And hopefully you learned a little bit of something and maybe you need to get your air conditioning unit or air conditioning system looked at.

And if that’s the case, you know, no obligation, you can contact Adrian here at the Hinse Brothers mechanical. What is your phone number again? (780) 999-6900. All right. And that’ll connect you directly with Adrian and he can schedule a technician to come out and do an assessment of your system and suss out what the problem is and get it corrected for you.

‘Cause There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep on a hot summer night when you know you have an air conditioning unit, it’s just not working. Can be so frustrating. So give them a call and if you don’t have air conditioning yet, definitely give them a shout because they have all the different, all the major brands are available to them.

Whether it is, you know, keep Right, which is your main one. They’re great units. You’ve got Lennox and what else? Carrier. Carrier carriers are great, great unit, and Ducane, you name it. All the different kinds, all the different brands are available. And if you are interested in Central Air or a mini split system, a ductless mini split system, they can provide those too. And if you’re watching this video and you’re thinking, well, it’s, it’s winter time in my furnace is, is making noises and so forth, they can also do furnace maintenance, new installations you know, all kinds of, of services that are available through them, including plumbing.

They’ve got a great plumbing division at Hinse Brothers Mechanical. So any of the mechanical systems in your house that require servicing, maintenance or just aren’t running up to snuff, give them a call. They can help you with any of those particular issues or systems in your home and make it run smoothly, more efficiently and you know, make you a very happy, happy homeowner. And that’s all for me. Thank you so much, Adrian, for sharing all the information that you did with us today on the 10 most common problems people have with the air conditioning system. And we’ll see you on the next video.