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Summers can get hot so to help cool down, make your home an oasis retreat with excellent air conditioning. Hinse Brothers Mechanical offers industry-leading air conditioning units with expert technicians for installation.

We also offer air conditioner repair Edmonton and maintenance services for existing units. So get ready for those lazy summers with quality air conditioning for your spaces from Hinse Brothers Mechanical!

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Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton

Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton

Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough assessment to address any problems, as well as to make sure that your plumbing infrastructure is in good shape.
We are a leading name in Sherwood Park in Hassle-Free Air Conditioning service near you
We are a local service provider and offer air conditioning repairs Edmonton and neighbouring areas, such as Sherwood Park and Beaumont. We also offer additional services, such as furnace installation for Edmonton residents and those in nearby cities.

The reason we only work in these regions is simple: it gives us the opportunity to offer a more focused and personalized service.

We’re fast, we’re local and we’re easy to get a hold of. We’re proud to be part of this local community and we work hard to uphold our excellent reputation. You can rest assured that you are getting the best service in the industry.

Contact Hinse Brothers Mechanical for an obligation-free quote. We’re here to make HVAC and plumbing simple and hassle-free for you with our wide range of services.

Common Air Conditioner Repair Edmonton Problems We Fix

Some of the most common air conditioner problems we deal with arise as a result of missed servicing and poor maintenance protocols. We can assist you with any air conditioner repair Edmonton if problems arise with your air conditioning unit. As part of our full service packages, we also offer hot water tank service across Edmonton. We can also assist you in ongoing maintenance, ensuring that your units are well-serviced and maintained. This prevents the need for costly repairs later on.

Below are some of the most common problem we find in the field:

No Cool Air
No cool air coming out of your air conditioning unit? There could be a number of reasons for this.

As part of our routine inspection when we first arrive, we will look at your air conditioning coil to assess its functionality. We will then look at your ductwork to determine whether there are any obstructions preventing the flow of cool air.

Failing these, we will look deeper at the components and establish where the issue lies. We understand that trying to function in a hot environment can be challenging. That’s why we’ll work as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore your flow of cool air during the hot summer months!

Insufficient Cooling
Cooling somewhat, but not enough? This is often due to obstructions in the ductwork.

It can also indicate malfunctioning outdoor air conditioner fans that fail to transfer heat outside. Since air conditioning units are quite complex, we will need to conduct a thorough inspection.

We want to find the root cause of the malfunction (and not just the malfunction), giving you a better long-term solution to your cooling issues. Sometimes, the problem is out of sight. For example, leaking R410A refrigerants can cause heat to build up inside the building.

Whatever the case may be, our team of professionals can quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Leaking Air Conditioning Units
Leaks should never happen. If you experience any sort of leaks or see any moisture building up near the unit, call for urgent assistance.

A leaking air conditioner can cause damage to your property, often forfeiting homeowner’s insurance because most policies do not cover preventable instances. Regular services and maintenance will prevent leaks and mitigate the risk of damage to the property.

If you are experiencing leaks, we’ll check the following (as a basic start):

-Frozen evaporator coils

-Damaged drain pan

-Clogged condensate drain line

Leaking air conditioner units need to be attended to immediately. Fortunately, we are experienced air conditioning technicians that can quickly come out and fix any major air conditioning problems. We are locally-based, providing air conditioning services in Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas.

And Many More!
Have an issue not listed here? No problem, just contact one of our expert air conditioner repair Edmonton technician and they can assess the issue themselves.

Payne air conditioner 16 PA16NA
Tempstar 16 seer air conditioner TSA6
Tempstar 16 seer air conditioner TSA6

Beaumont Air Conditioning

As award-winning professionals in Sherwood Park and surrounding areas, Hinse Brothers Mechanical offers some of the most reliable air conditioner repair Edmonton in the surrounding area, including Beaumont, AB. We offer a range of complementary services in the area, such as boiler repair near Edmonton, Beaumont and other regions close-by.

We service domestic premises like homes, as well as commercial and industrial properties. We understand the intricate networks of ducts and units required to heat, cool and ventilate large buildings.

During the summer months, you want to have the guarantee of a cooling professional. We will come out to your property (domestic, industrial, or commercial) and service, repair, replace and install leading air conditioning units and parts.

We offer more than just air conditioning. We also offer comprehensive HVAC repair to Beaumont and those in surrounding areas.