Signs You Need a New Furnace

Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Signs You Need a New Furnace

Today we will talk about the most common signs you need a new furnace. A typical furnace is used to heat the air in your home and then distribute it through out the home using the ducts. There are different systems and ways to heat and cool the home. Some of these include boilers and mini-split ductless furnaces. The main one in Alberta is always going to be a gas furnace. To heat our homes through so many cold winter months year after year requires a solution that works efficiently and sustains our comfortable lifestyle. We also do not want a system that will cost us more than it should to do so.

How much does it cost to buy a furnace in Alberta?

The price to install a new single stage furnace ranges from $3000 to $5500. The size changes depending on the size of home you are heating. There are also dual stage furnaces and variable or multispeed furnaces available.

A single stage furnace is one that has only one option, on or off. What this means is the furnace is either running at full or maximum capacity or it’s turned off. The great thing about this type is that it is cheaper to buy since it has been around the longest. However, it costs more for running since it is all or nothing and it can leave dead spots or places that do not get heated in parts of the home. It can also be noisy since it is constantly turning on and off. If you have a single level house or any home that is small a single stage furnace is an acceptable option.

A dual stage furnace is a much better option to heat your home and it’s only a few hundred dollars more. It is a smart idea to splurge and upgrade to this one. You can set the furnace on a low setting to be used in most cases, but when there is a cold snap the furnace can be set to stage two for higher heating demand. The heat is distributed better so there are less drastic changes of temperature in the home. It is also more efficient so your heating costs will be lower. The noise level is lower as well since your furnace is not cycling through on and off stages.

The only drawback is the cost is higher. If you find your bills are not being reduced you may need to look at insulation and windows to see if they are contributing to cooler temps in the home. A multilevel home is the perfect scenario for this furnace. This furnace may cost you more, but it will bring a higher level of comfort and a lower heating bill.

A multispeed furnace is the top of the line. This furnace assesses the temperature in your home and then adjusts the blower motor speed incrementally to keep the temperature very even and consistent. This one offers the highest efficiency so the cost to heat your home is the lowest. There is less start and stop happening so the furnace doesn’t wear out or cause surges in energy consumption.

The only downside with this furnace is the higher cost. You will want to put it in a home you will be staying in since the initial cost is not recouped right away. It could take five years. A bonus with this type is it is higher in energy efficiency so it may qualify for a rebate.

What is the lifespan of a furnace?

The average life of a furnace is anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. If you keep up with regular maintenance and repairs you can make it last even longer, but it will still show obvious signs you need a new furnace.

At what age should it a furnace be replaced?

As mentioned above a furnace can last upwards of twenty years. However, if you are experiencing issues you will want to replace it sooner. Things like significant problems that require frequent repairs mean it is time to replace and not just repair it.

Which brand is the most reliable? There are reasons for the ratings but the best furnace of 2022 for efficiency was Lennox. Not to mention, it’s cost is low and the sound rating is a 9 out of 10 because the blower is insulated.

What are the signs that your furnace is needing repair?

If you aren’t sure how much longer you should keep your furnace or just repair it, here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time for a professional to assess it. Your furnace does not turn on. Or maybe it does but then you are constantly having to turn it back on again.

It is blowing cold air. If you are smelling gas or hearing weird noises, its time to call the experts. You have to constantly adjust the thermostat. Your energy bills are unusually high.

If you have poor air flow this is a sign you need a specialist to come and assess. It could be from a clogged filter and ducts or it could be a problem with a blower motor. If you experience a lot cycling, which is on and off repeatedly it could also indicate a clog somewhere. Over cycling is an sign that maintenance is needed.

Should I replace or repair my furnace?

The signs for replacing the furnace are the age of the unit for one. If you are experiencing rising heating costs it is time to replace it. If you have excessive dust, dirt, soot or rust in your home, it is replacement time. If your rooms are unevenly heated you have an issue with air flow and power from the furnace itself. You need to replace. If you are hearing strange noises like rattles, buzzes, clicks, pops, or hums, you should be aware that it may need to be replaced. It is probably not working properly anymore.

If you have already repaired your furnace multiple times especially in the last few years, you will want to replace it. By repairing it you may be doing more harm than good.