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A mini split system is both a heating and cooling system that allows you to control the temperature in individual spaces or rooms of your home. There are two parts to this system which include an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit, also called an evaporator.

A mini split system is different from a central air conditioning system mainly by how it is not tied into a centralized forced air system. There are no ducts for the cool air to flow through to hit each room. Instead, the cool air is forced into the room right at the site of the unit in the home. A central air system uses one unit for the entire space. With a mini split system, you need a unit for every room or separate space you want cooled or heated. One system can house up to four units. This means that for every outdoor compressor/condenser you can have 4 indoor evaporators.

Advantages of a mini-split AC system

There are advantages to choosing a mini split system to cool or heat your home. The size of the unit and its flexibility for cooling or heating an individual zone makes the mini split system attractive. They are easier to install than a traditional central air conditioning system. These mini split systems are more energy efficient making them more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate. You are controlling one room at a time, so you are not wasting the energy to cool your whole home. You can have directional airflow because the unit itself has vents that can be pointed into the room rather than up the wall like a vent.

Can be used for multiple functions

As mentioned you can use this system for heating and cooling. There is flexibility in the functions it provides. It can even help remove some of the humidity from your home. You can mount the units on the ceilings and not necessarily the wall. The best thing about the mini split system is that you can address the problem zones in your home without using ducts.

Disadvantages of a mini-split AC system

The only main and real disadvantage of the split system is that it costs more upon purchase. This is not much of a concern when you consider how much you will save running it as well as how efficient it is in doing its job. The other thing to be aware of is getting the right size for your space and have it installed professionally or it could short cycle. This means it will turn on and off too frequently not completing its cooling process. This will be hard on the parts in the system as it leads to more wear and tear earlier than expected. The cooling cycle should last for ten minutes.

Energy usage of a mini-split

A mini split air conditioning system will use less and waste less energy so your electricity bills will be lower compared to a central air system. The mini split will use anywhere from less than 1 kWH to just over 5 kWH per hour. You could see a savings of 30% on your cooling costs compared to a central air system. The energy is saved through the use of compressors and fans which vary the cooling speeds.

How long does a mini-split AC system last?

A mini split system can last anywhere from ten to twenty years. It will be reliable and efficient when you purchase from a reputable brand. Short cycling will not help make your unit last so having the right size unit as well as professionally installed will be important.
A mini split system costs more than a central air conditioning system, however, you will see savings comparatively when its in use. It costs less to run and is much more efficient at doing the job of cooling your home. You will find the prices range from $4000 to as high as $8000. This includes installation.

Not only is it not bad to run your mini split air-cooling system all day but it’s recommended. This is the most efficient way to use it and allows this type of system to run at its best. This is opposite of what other systems do to be efficient. Your temperatures will be more consistent and over the night and into the next morning your system will not have as big of a job to do in bringing the temperature back down. The time to shut off the system is when you don’t really need it and especially if you will be away for an extended period.

Where should you install a mini-split system

There really is no wrong place to install the inside unit of the mini split system. Ultimately the best spot is on an exterior wall in the middle of the room, but the professionals have the skills to install one on an interior wall if need be. The outside part of the unit should be set up at least five inches from the wall of the home and maintain about 20 inches of free space above the condenser.

Easy to maintain

It is not difficult to maintain a mini split system. They are well known for their ease of maintenance. The most important thing to remember is to clean them regularly for them to work over the long haul. It is best to service your system annually to prevent major breakdowns and to be sure it runs smoothly and properly. You may even be required to keep a certain schedule of service calls to maintain the warranty on the system.

The most common reason for a mini split system to fail is due to improper installation. Other reasons include the thermostat being set wrong, a refrigerant leak or a condenser coil being clogged. Again, the key to keeping your unit function in an optimal state is to have regular maintenance and service calls made on it.

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