Common Furnace Repairs by Hinse Brothers Mechanical

Sherwood Park Furnace Repair | Common Furnace Repairs

Every year here in Sherwood Park, Alberta, the temperatures plummet. This is no surprise for us Native Albertans. This isn’t just a little cold spell; this is freeze everything until it doesn’t move kind of cold in Canada. The worst thing that can happen in that kind of cold is you go to crank up the furnace but find out it doesn’t work. You need to be ready to either fix it yourself if it’s an easy thing to do or call the professionals.

Call the pros

Hinse Brothers Mechanical is a top notch, highly rated furnace repair company that will get your home back up and comfortable in no time. If you’re stuck right now with your pipes heading for a break down call 780-999-6900 to get an appointment as soon as possible. When the temperatures are below -20 Celsius, you have anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours to heat things up before the water lines freeze and then burst. That is a much bigger disaster.

The importance of keeping your furnace in tip top shape is obvious but what if you don’t know there is a problem about to happen? What are some of the signs that you may be missing? Will the tell-tale signs lead to a repair or replacement? Let’s dive deeper into what some of the red flags are so you can troubleshoot the problems you are having with your furnace.

Top Easy-to-fix Furnace Issues

Furnace ductwork

Dirty ductwork is the most common thing to address with your furnace system. Over time heating ducts collect dust and debris and if it’s not cleaned regularly, it can block how much hot air is distributed. Do a quick check by putting your hands over the vents when the furnace is running. If it feels like it’s not as strong as it used to be then it’s time to call a furnace cleaning company. Also be sure to book the furnace company to do regular maintenance and any repairs that are needed on a yearly basis.

Furnace filters

Old and dirty furnace filters is another cause for furnace repair. Check to see what the state of your filter is in. If it is clogged it can cause major issues with air flow. The filter catches allergens, dust, debris, pollutants and more from being redistributed into your home when you use the furnace. This filter should be changed multiple times a year. If you keep up with it, your furnace doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to do it’s job therefore there are less future breakdowns and maintenance required. By changing the filter out regularly, the ducts will also stay cleaner, and you will have more powerful airflow.

Furnace ignition

The furnace ignition is another area that commonly needs repair. Whether your furnace has a pilot light or electrical ignition this component can fail to work. If your furnace has stopped working double check that this mechanism is in good working condition, if it is not, you will need to call the furnace repair company to have it repaired or replaced.

Furnace blower

The blower component is another part of the furnace that can cause issues and needs repair. Lately, many clients have been faced with this scenario. The blower motor is responsible for controlling the airflow for the heating and cooling system. Being one of the main components of the furnace system, the blower motor is responsible for turning on the fan that circulates the air to the rooms in your home. Some signs that your blower motor is broken is loud noises coming from the furnace, weak airflow, overheating and high energy bills.

Furnace sensor

A dirty flame sensor is a very common issue that needs attention regularly on routine maintenance calls. This flame sensor’s job is to detect if your HVAC system is producing a flame and burning gas. When it gets covered or obstructed by soot, debris and other stuff like dust, it will not be able to do it’s important job. If it can’t detect the flame and gas burning because it’s dirty, it will shut down the system due to it being a safety feature.

A furnace can sometimes cause a power surge which can trip the breaker. Once you reset it and you have no issues, there should be nothing to worry about, however, if this is a common occurrence then something more concerning is happening. There could be several reasons this happens, but getting your furnace checked out by the professional is important. It could be an electrical maintenance issue that needs repair.

Furnace thermostat

A faulty thermostat could be the problem with your furnace. This means the furnace isn’t what is causing the problem at all. The thermostat is what detects whether to call for more heat or not. If it’s faulting it could mean a cold house when you want heat. It could also be calling for too much heat in some cases. Your professional HVAC company can assist you in determining where the problem is. It could be bad batteries, a faulty electrical system, or the thermostat itself could be having an issue communicating with the furnace. The specialist is the one who can find out if this is a hardware of software issue. This is not a DIY fix.

Furnace drain pan

A drain pan that is full of debris or clogged can also be what’s causing your furnace to shut down. As the HVAC system is in use it collects water in this pan and gets rid of it. Once that pan is overflowing with water or it’s clogged it will trigger a safety switch which turns off the furnace.

If your furnace is not turning on a few more things to check for are the gas and electricity supply lines. Double check these to be sure everything is in working order. If you have tripped the circuit for the electrical panel it won’t supply power to the furnace. If the gas line is not sending fuel to the furnace the ignitor won’t be able to heat up the gas to warm the air. Check outside at the main gas valve location to see that the switch is in the right position. You will need to call the gas supplier for advice on what that position should be.