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You put a lot of hard work and beauty into your home and yard. The last thing you want is your air conditioning unit to be an eye sore. There are some crafty ways to blend it in or camouflage it, so it does not stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise beautiful space. Everybody wants to enjoy the cool indoors but when you head outside it becomes a drag to see an unsightly air conditioning unit. This is a turn off for anyone.

Read further to find out some clever ways you can Camouflage Your AC Unit into the landscape and make it a thing of beauty.

Camouflage your AC unit

One of the simplest ways to hide your outdoor air conditioning units is to plant small bushes, trees or even a hedge around it. Be sure to check your manufacturers recommendations for clearance around the condenser. It is important to keep this area clear as this is the component on the air conditioner that releases and collects the heat. The heat transfer needs enough space to do what it needs to remove the heat from your home.

Give it Plenty of Space

If you do not leave ample space around your condenser the air conditioning unit will have to work harder than needed and that is never a good thing. If you choose this option to blend your air conditioning unit into its surroundings, be sure to check often for debris that may clog up the unit. It is also important to do yearly maintenance on the unit itself to keep it running smoothly. There is nothing worse than turning on the AC unit on the hottest day only to realize it needs repair or replacement.

If you are worried about planting permanent trees or bushes too near the AC unit or if you do not have enough space for it, you can also opt for pots and planters to camouflage the unit. This very natural way to work with the space also adds a lot of beauty. Again, it is important to check regularly for debris for the same reasons mentioned already. You never want to clog up the condenser or it will be at risk for breaking down.

Hidden in plain sight

Another very aesthetically pleasing way to Camouflage Your AC Unit is to put up a fence in front or around it. you can even choose the finish to compliment the color of your home. Be sure to build the fence a bit higher than the unit. Choose a design that allows for proper air flow as well. Slats or lattice work designs are great options that allow for that. Of course, the top priority is to be sure the unit is accessible. You can also have plants and planter boxes attached to this fence. Some have even had a living wall grow in the summer months. You can get creative or keep it super simple.

Something else that more people are using to cover their ac units is a trellis. There are so many varieties of materials and designs you can use like iron, wood, other metals and even plastic. You can train the climbing vines to grow up the trellis to cover it and fill in the gaps. Perfect plants for this are clematis, trumpet vine, morning glory, wisteria, and of course ivy. Let those vines grow to create the natural look you want.

Great DIY Project

Building a custom box to Camouflage Your AC Unit is easy if you are a handy woodworking individual. This is a great way to not only hide the unit but keep pests or rodents out, no more nests being built in unwanted places. Be sure things are detachable so that you can still access the condenser unit when needed. Always, always, always leave holes or spaces for ventilation. The biggest cause of a poorly functioning AC unit is due to air flow indoor and out.

If this solution is too involved for you, you may want to opt for a simple privacy screen which can be purchased readymade. This privacy screen is a solution for those of us who are not savvy DIYers.

Camouflage your AC unit

More interesting ways to Camouflage Your AC Unit

There are some interesting ways to double up on covering your ac unit but also getting some extra storage out of the same space. You can group a few things together that are housed all at once. We think this is a smart way to use an otherwise unusable space. You can build a bigger shed to go around the air conditioning unit where you have extra space to put all those other outdoor tools and gadgets for storage; think garden tools and pool stuff.

You can get creative with this but be sure to always leave room for clearance and access. Always remember that with not enough ventilation space the condenser coils will have a harder time to get rid of the heat in your house which makes the whole unit taxed and the energy bills will subsequently rise because of it.

Some of the things we have seen our clients use to build an interesting shed like structure is old shutter screens. You can paint these to suit your taste. If you like a shabby chic theme it is a fun way to add some flare to the space. If your space does not have room horizontally you can use the vertical space to build a mini shed atop the unit.

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The bottom line for Camouflage Your AC Unit into the background is to choose which décor works for you and will enhance the outdoor space making it more enjoyable to be in. Always keeping in mind that air flow is the most important need for the air conditioner unit and that you should always have easy access year-round. If you use living elements like shrubs, trees, flowers, and plants you will want to be sure to check for debris often and have the AC unit serviced annually.

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