Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair Edmonton And Furnace Operation

When people buy their first home, they are excited, and have a huge learning curve. One part of home ownership that they will have to learn about quickly is regarding their furnace.

From the beginning, learning when they need a furnace repair Edmonton or replacement is so important, because while repairs are less expensive. Too many furnace repairs are more costly in the long run and getting familiar with regular furnace maintenance can help homeowners keep their furnace in great working condition longer.

Furnace Repair Edmonton

Here to answer the five most commonly asked furnace and furnace repair Edmonton questions is Hinse Mechanical. Not only are they experts in the field, working for years before getting a formal mechanical education. Then working in the trade for years before opening up their own business to ensure his high standards could always be met, Hinse Brothers are the experts you will want to listen to regarding your furnace.

The Lifespan Of A Furnace

The most common question that not only new homeowners have, but people have in general is: what is the typical lifespan of a furnace? Most people, when they replace their furnace will discover that the warranty on new furnaces is generally 10 years. All things being equal however, homeowners can expect to have their furnace anywhere between 10 to 15 years before needing a new one. However, if the homeowner is diligent and gets quality furnace repairs and gets a professional like Hinse to perform regular maintenance, it’s not uncommon to get 15 to 20 years of service from a furnace.

How Do You Light The Pilot Light?

The second most common question people ask Hinse is how do they light their furnace’s pilot light? In the event that the pilot light goes out, read the instructions that will be on the front of your furnace. They will instruct you to:

  • Find the pilot light
  • Turn the dial to the off position
  • Wait a few minutes to allow the gas to dissipate
  • Turn the dial back to “pilot”
  • Press down and hold the reset button, which is located next to the dial
  • Bring the flame on your lighter towards the pilot light opening
  • Let go of the reset button

The pilot light on your furnace should be lit. If this does not work, you should contact your local furnace expert, like Hinse Brothers Mechanical, as you may require furnace repair.

How Often Should You Replace A Furnace Filter

Most homeowners are aware that their furnace uses filters, and these filters should be replaced. However, fewer of them know where to look to replace the filter, and how often it needs to get done. While some people believe that it will be done by the technician when you get a furnace repair Edmonton, this isn’t nearly often enough. And in fact, the answer can vary depending on many factors. Hinse Brothers Mechanical suggest most homeowners replace their furnace filter once a quarter, that is, every three months.

For the average household, that’s often enough. The furnace filter will get full of dust and hair, which will cause the furnace to need to work a bit harder to function, which in turn can cause it to wear out sooner, needing furnace repair Edmonton more often and replacement sooner. One way to help homeowners remember when to replace the furnace filter, is to do so when the seasons change. The first day of spring, then summer, fall and winter can be a helpful reminder, says Hinse.

Keep in mind external factors for the lifespan of your furnace filter

Although families with pets, or smokers may want to consider replacing their furnace filter every two months, or every single month. Pet hair and dander will cause the filter to fill up sooner. The more pets in a home, the sooner the furnace filter will need to be replaced. If your furnace has a washable filter, it will need to be washed and replaced as often as the disposable filters. If your furnace is not working as you expect it should, before calling for a furnace repair Edmonton, try changing the filter to see if that solves the problem.

Furnace Repair Edmonton | Why Doesn’t Your Thermostat Work?

Another common question from homeowners about furnace repair Edmonton, is when they use their thermostat, and the furnace or air conditioner does not turn on. While a furnace repair Edmonton may be needed, there are likely other issues that are easy to fix. Homeowners can check this themselves or contact an expert like Hinse Brothers Mechanical to check their entire heating and cooling system properly. The more likely reasons why the thermostat isn’t working are:

  • The thermostat is dirty. This affects the sensors from communicating with the furnace. Cleaning the sensors should solve the problem. Regular dusting of the external surfaces of the thermostat helps minimize dirt build up over time.
  • The thermostat batteries are dead. A quick check and replacement of the batteries will have the furnace back in sync with the thermostat in no time.
  • There is a loose wire, causing the connection to be unreliable. While homeowners may assume an electrician is the best professional to call, a furnace specialist is still the best. They can repair the loose connection, and then check the entire unit to ensure everything is still in perfect working order.
  • The thermostat fuse has been blown. Your furnace expert will be able to replace the fuse quickly, and then inspect your system to ensure no other parts need to be fixed or cleaned.
  • The thermostat has reached the end of its life. Just like your furnace and air conditioner, the thermostat will only last so long before the parts have worn out for good. This is usually around ten years, similar to your furnace’s lifespan. When you are ready to replace your thermostat, consider new technology, such as a programmable or smart thermostat. This can help you save energy, and lower your energy bills over time.

Why Did Your Furnace Stop Working?

If your thermostat is not to blame, you may need to get your furnace repaired. However, when your furnace technician visits, they will first look for easier to solve solutions, such as your furnace filter is clogged, or the burners in your furnace are dirty. While homeowners do their best to ensure they change the furnace filter, if they forget, the furnace can eventually just stop working. It is a huge relief to many homeowners to find out that they don’t have to pay for a furnace repair Edmonton or replacement.

However, another possible culprit is the burners are dirty. Since your furnace actually burns fuel to heat your home, this can cause the burners to get covered in soot and grime. Not only does this affect your furnace’s function, but the build up can also cause the burners to burn improperly, causing a carbon monoxide build up. You can likely troubleshoot this issue, the furnace flame should be blue. If it is orange or yellow, that’s a sign that your furnace technician needs to come in and clean the burners. Any other questions about furnaces can be directed to the experts, such as Hinse Brothers Mechanical any time. (

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