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There is nothing worse than having an air conditioner that does not do its job in cooling your home. It is finally the hot season, and you go to turn on the air conditioner, but it has no effect in keeping your home or office cool. There could be many reasons for this and the best place to start is by reading the following frequently asked questions about air conditioners to see if the answer lies there. If you still cannot figure it out or you want a professional opinion, please call us at Hinse Mechanical and we will be more than happy to diagnose the issue and help you get back up and cooling your home or office.

Need to basic info about your unit

Do you know what size air conditioning unit you should have to cool your space? The rule of thumb is easy to use and figure out what you need for the size of your home or office. Once you have done this you can shop for air conditioners that match the specifications you need. If you want to leave this task to the professional, we can figure this out for you and give our recommendations as to what size you should have in your home. To cool four hundred square feet of space it takes approximately one ton of air-cooling capacity.

Determine what you need for your home or office by taking the total square footage of the space and dividing it by four hundred. This will give you an approximation of what size air conditioner is needed. It is important that you do not buy a bigger air conditioning unit than needed as it can change the effectiveness of the cooling system. We explain this in greater detail in another article. Bigger is not better in this scenario and can defeat the purpose which is to keep your space cool.

Questions About Air Conditioners

Main Questions About Air Conditioners

One of the most frequent questions about air conditioners; when should I get my air conditioner serviced or do I even need to service it if I am having no issues? There is a difference between serviced and inspected. It is recommended to have your air conditioner inspected annually. From this inspection it is determined if it needs any service work. This is another reason to have the professionals involved.

People often wonder if debris can get caught in the air conditioning unit. Like anything in our environment, dirt and debris can eventually get into the smallest of places and your air conditioning unit is no exception. It can get gummed up which can cause the unit to work much harder in order to do the job of cooling your space. This is another reason its so important to have you unit inspected and even serviced annually. Your utilities cost can be affected by the continuous running of the air-cooling system if it is not maintained regularly.

Brands are purely based on preference

This next question is one that leaves the consumer to debate with themselves on what the answer may be. What brand of air conditioner is the best one out there? This is purely a subjective choice. One HVAC company will recommend one brand only and its usually for a reason such as the quality is higher and that is the one they trust the most. While others will offer and work with many brands due to price point. This is something you should ask when speaking to the professional that installs it.

They will have their reasons for which brands are the best and which ones are lower priced and why. What it really comes down to is each brand focuses on a different priority that they deliver to the consumer. Things such as quality vs price come into play. It comes down to which brand is the right one for me. Look into the brands to see what features are offered and make the decision based on what you find.

Air Conditioners Will Last a While

How long should your air conditioner last? There are a few varied factors that affect the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Something to keep in mind is the manufactured date. Air conditioners made in the 1980s to 90s lasted for 15 years. Current air conditioner units last for 20 years. Clearly technology has changed a lot in the last few decades but there are other things that factor into the lifespan you can expect from your air conditioning unit. The more you use it the fastest the life of it will be consumed. This seems obvious but some people do not realize the direct correlation.

You can extend the lifespan by having it serviced and maintained regularly. If you take care of your cooling system in a proactive manner you can squeeze more quality of years out of it. If you wait for problems to pop up you could find yourself in the situation where you need to purchase new parts or worst-case scenario a whole new system.

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