Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Frequently Asked Questions About AC

While most people love the cool air blowing on them in the heat of the summer, it is frustrating to have your air conditioning unit stop working or break. Just like needing to get a furnace repair Sherwood Park in the winter, your a/c unit is most likely going to break during the hottest days of the summer, because of how hard it is working.

Here’s what to do when that happens, and the most common questions about AC people have. To answer these questions, we’ve asked the refrigeration specialist with Hinse Brothers Mechanical. Not only did he learn this trade from a very young age, but after his schooling he worked in the industry for many years, gaining notoriety for his high standards of excellence. Finally, he started his own company, so he could ensure more customers were able to benefit from his high quality and expertise.

Questions About AC | Hinse Brothers Mechanical

Why Is My Air Conditioner Suddenly Very Loud?

According to Hinse Brothers, people ask these five air conditioning questions the most. The first one is about how loud the air conditioner is. While these units are not silent, when your air conditioner is louder than normal, forcing you to turn up your television just to hear it, or keeping you from being able to sleep, many people usually assume the worst.  When your air conditioner has increased it’s decibel level, it’s time to call in the experts, like Hinse Brothers and their furnace repair team.

The good news is that it’s not usually a terrible problem, just like their furnace repair Sherwood Park. It’s often caused by one of the moving components becoming loose. The most likely culprits are the fan and the motor, since they are the parts that move the most in the unit. Hinse Brothers will come in, inspect all the internal parts, clean and tighten everything. They will do a test to ensure the problem is fixed before leaving.

How Much Should Running My Air Conditioner Cost?

Especially in this area of the world – northern Alberta, many people have not had air conditioners before. There are more people getting a/c, and as a result, they have many questions about it’s operation. Hinse Brothers say a lot of his first time a/c customers ask what they can expect to pay in the summertime when their air conditioner is being used a lot. While this is a difficult question to answer specifically, a good rule of thumb, is what a household pays in the winter for gas, is likely going to be what they can expect to pay in the summer for the increased energy bill for their air conditioning.

Why Is My Breaker Tripping?

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on your air conditioner during a hot day, and having your electric breaker trip. While this is frustrating, a quick call to an air conditioning and furnace repair Sherwood Park company like Hinse Brothers Mechanical will help solve the issue. It is usually one of two problems: either the motor or the compressor is malfunctioning. Be glad it’s tripping the breaker as well, because that will keep the air conditioner from becoming damaged. And it will prevent an electrical fire from happening, caused by an overloaded circuit from the malfunctioning air conditioner.

The air conditioner and furnace repair Sherwood Park technician will look at many areas of the air conditioner to find out the exact cause of the problem. The easiest fix is looking at the air filter, if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, this could cause the air conditioner to be forced to work so hard, it can trip the breaker. A quick clean, will solve the problem, and get your house cooling down in no time!

Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Air Conditioner Using Too Much Electricity

Dirty condenser coils, on the outside of the air conditioner releases the heat from your home outside. They can get dirty, which can impact your air conditioner’s performance. The air conditioner and furnace repair Sherwood Park person will also check the capacitor. This is the part that allows your air conditioner to start up, and keep running. If it’s malfunctioning, it draws too much electricity during start up, and can easily trip your breaker.

One of the most likely reasons your air conditioner is tripping your breaker, is because of an old, malfunctioning compressor. When it’s old, weak or starting to wear out, it draws too much electricity to start, causing the surge of electricity that will trip the breaker. However, the air conditioning and furnace repair Sherwood Park expert will check to see if there are loose electrical connections, or any other problem with the air conditioner, since they are there already. A final inspection and clean will give you peace of mind that your unit will be in perfect working order when they leave.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling The Upstairs

Luckily, this problem is less likely going to need the assistance of an AC and furnace repair Sherwood Park expert, says the owner of Hinse Brothers Mechanical. Especially when people have not had an air conditioner before. As many people know, heat rises. That must mean that cold air falls. If your air conditioner is failing to cool the higher levels of your house, it’s because it’s hanging out in the basement, where it’s not usually needed! The fix however, is very easy.

Hinse Brothers say to close the vents in your basement. This forces the cool air up into the higher levels of your home. And if you find that at night, you are still too hot, close all the vents in all the rooms you and your family are not sleeping in. This will help direct the cool air to where the people are, keeping bedrooms the right temperature for a great night sleep!

While many home owners will likely have more questions about their air conditioner after using it for a few weeks, the air conditioner and furnace repair Sherwood Park experts at Hinse Brothers Mechanical will be more than happy to chat with all homeowners, answer all their questions and give them suggestions to ensure their home is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. They are waiting for your call!