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Your furnace has a major job to do. If you live in Alberta, then you understand how much it is running throughout more than half of the year. You will want to make sure you are paying attention to it so it can continue to do its job especially on those really frigid days and nights. It is dangerous to not have access to a heat source in the Canadian winters. Here are the top things you should look out for when checking on your furnace.

If you have a dirty air filter or air ducts this can restrict the air flow in your home. The furnace and all its components need to work much harder to do the job of heating your home. This will add unnecessary wear and tear to the heating system. You should change your filter often no matter how clean the air filter looks. Air flow is the number one factor in determining how well the heating and cooling systems in your home work.

If you have a thicker air filter you can get by with changing it once a quarter, but if you have pets and you use your furnace a lot then you will want to change it even more often. In addition to changing out your filter regularly, you should have your ducts cleaned on a yearly basis as well.

Easy to Spot issues

If you are experiencing uneven heating in your home, you have another common issue with your HVAC system not working properly. Again, the first thing to do is be sure you have proper air flow. It is imperative your filter and ducts are clean. Something else to be aware of is blocked vents or grill exchanges. This can also cause air flow issues. The number one reason to have uneven heating is due to poor air flow. This is also true when trying to cool your home.

Even if you are not using a room keep the vents open. Doors, windows, outlets, and ceiling outlets may also need some weather stripping to keep the air from leaking out. If you have done all these things but still have uneven heating it is time to call the HVAC specialists like Hinse Brothers Mechanical. It is time for a professional inspection to see if you have the right size furnace for your home.

Need real professionals to deal with furnace problems

Once you have checked for air flow issues and solved them and you still have furnace problems, that is blowing cold air then this is a little more problematic. Check to see that the pilot light is still on. The pilot light has an important job to do. The small flame is there to function as an ignition for the gas burner. Remember the gas burns the air to heat it up and that is what is sent through the ducts and distributed out the vents into your home.

You can see how this simple little flame is crucial to being on all the time. If your pilot light is out, then you should be aware gas buildup is a serious concern. Once the pilot light is relit it could cause an explosion from the gas that has built up. This issue should be met with a professional HVAC company diagnosing your furnace problems.

Some noises are common

If you are still hearing strange noises from your furnace problems such as a rattling, banging, or clanging then you will need to be aware of what the different sounds mean. Some are harmless while others indicate a much worse issue going on. Not every sound is a dangerous one, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the foreign sounds your furnace is making.

Give us a call at Hinse Brother Mechanical to get over the phone advice. From this consultation we will be able to diagnose if we need to come out and service your furnace problems. Strange noises such as scraping, banging, whistling, popping, vibrating, or whining sound could indicate a loose part or it could also indicate something more serious such as a cracked heat exchanger or dirty gas burner.

Possibly an electrical issue

The temperature drops and you go to turn on the furnace but find it will not start. There could be a simple fix for this if it is from something wrong with the electrical component. To evaluate for this simply turn your thermostat all the way down and then turn the whole system on and off again. If you can get your furnace firing up, then electrical is not the issue. Some other things to look for are tripped breakers and dead batteries.

Prevent internal furnace problems during the winter months

If these are all looking good, then its time to call the HVAC specialists. There may be internal furnace problems. You will want to call Hinse Brothers right away. There might be a problem with the pilot light and as mentioned already, this can lead to a potential gas leak which can become dangerous. The pilot light could simply be burning too low, have a faulty valve or loose thermocouple.

Worst case scenario

Gas leaks are potentially the worst case of what could be causing issues with your furnace not working properly. This is the issue you will want to pay the most attention to as it can become extremely dangerous. A gas leak should be dealt with immediately. As you have probably been warned before, if you smell gas, go outside, and call 911 right away. This is a good time to mention you should make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working as well.

Our suggestion is to have a yearly check up on your entire HVAC system to be sure everything is running safely and prevent furnace problems. Please call Hinse Brothers Mechanical at 780-999-6900. You can also visit our website for more information at We are more than happy to help get your HVAC system running in top form so that you have a nice warm winter with no issues.

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