Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Should You Repair Or Replace Your Furnace

One of the most common questions that furnace professionals get, is should they get furnace repair Sherwood Park, or just replace their furnace? Answering this question are the owners of Hinse Mechanical. Not only does he own this company he started after working for years in the industry, he learned the business from the ground up, working beside his father on the tools from a very early age.

They want to share his expertise and help keep people’s homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Helping them decide when they should repair their furnace, and when it’s time to get a new one altogether. He is unequivocally the expert in this field he is so passionate about.

Ultimately, people call Hinse Brothers when their furnace is not working, it’s usually very cold out, and it’s an urgent call. He uses a variety of diagnostics in order to understand what is wrong with the furnace, and then helps the owner understand when a furnace repair Sherwood Park is in their best interest, and when a replacement is.

If the furnace is old, it’s usually more cost effective to replace, than to repair. But if the furnace is younger, or has serviceable parts, it’s the repair that’s most cost effective. And that’s exactly what he does – helps homeowners understand in layman’s terms, so they can be the ones making the decision.

When Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Makes Sense

One of the first things to take into consideration is the age of the furnace. While a great maintenance plan (more on this later) can help furnaces last longer, the typical age of a furnace is approximately 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is 10 years or younger, it will typically make the most sense to repair your furnace. The parts will still be in good enough condition to withstand many more years of service, and the repair bill will be significantly less than the replacement cost.

Another reason to consider furnace repair Sherwood Park, is if the entire cost of repairs is less than one-third of the entire cost of replacing the furnace. If your furnace has not been well maintained or if there was a significant issue causing the problem. There may be several things that need to be fixed on the furnace. While time and energy can definitely be spent fixing your furnace, it replacing it will be faster or more inexpensive, homeowners should consider this. They will get a newer furnace faster and for less.

The last reason Hinse Mechanical will recommend furnace repair Sherwood Park over replacement is if your furnace is still under warranty. He will then happily perform all repairs to his usual high quality results, and you can submit the claim for reimbursement (please check your warranty terms), and come back as often as you need.

When Furnace Replacement Makes Sense

While many people think that furnace repair Sherwood Park is their best option, Hinse has the expertise to know this is not always the case. An older furnace that has reached its typical life expectancy, no matter how often he comes back for furnace repair, different parts of the furnace will wear out again quickly, which means more time you are left without heat in your home during the coldest months of the year. But it also means spending more money, as furnace repair bills start to pile up. As well, older furnaces are much less efficient, causing your energy bill to be higher than it needs to be.

Instead, Hinse Brothers and their ample expertise has learned what to look for when it comes to broken furnaces. One of the first indications that a furnace replacement is a better option, is to look at all the work that needs to be done. If the cost of repairs on the furnace is approximately half the cost of a new furnace installation, Hinse will usually recommend replacing the furnace entirely.

When there are enough things to fix on the furnace, the other component parts are usually close to being worn out as well. Homeowners don’t want to spend such a large amount of money, only to need another furnace repair Sherwood Park in a year or less.

Furnace Repair Sherwood Park | Furnace Replacement Often The Best Solution

The second indication that a furnace replacement is a better solution, is when the furnace has needed several repairs within the last year or two. Since furnaces typically only last 15 to 20 years, the closer to the end of it’s natural life, the more often the furnace will require repairs. It’s up to the expert to know when it no longer makes sense to repair a unit that will not last. Hinse helps homeowners realize when that time has come.

Homeowners should also take a look at if their furnace is still under warranty. If the warranty – which are usually 10 years – has expired, that’s typically a good indication that the life expectancy of the entire furnace is over, and it will be not only more cost effective to replace the furnace. But it will also ensure that a homeowner is not left without heat during the coldest days of winter.

The last indications that the homeowner needs a replacement instead of furnace repair Sherwood Park is looking at what is wrong with the furnace. Do homeowners find excess dust in their home, despite recently replacing their furnace filters? Are there humidity issues with your furnace? Are you experiencing higher than typical air quality issues? Is your furnace making more noise than usual?

These problems usually signal serious operation issues. Furnace repairs at this stage usually end up piling up, costing more time and money. The homeowner will usually wish after several repairs that someone should have told them this was likely, so they could decide to save time and money, and replace their furnace.

Get More Life Out Of Your Furnace

Earlier in the article, we mentioned a poorly maintained furnace will require furnace repairs more often. A well maintained furnace can last upwards of 20 to 30 years, instead of 10 to 15. Hinse Brothers will be more than happy to help service homeowners furnaces on a regular basis to ensure they can get the most life out of this important part of their home.

The first thing Hinse wants homeowners to know, is that best practices say this maintenance should be done every year for best results. And they should try to avoid doing it during the late fall and early winter, as this is usually when furnace repair Sherwood Park companies are busiest. But it’s best to do the maintenance before you start regularly turning your furnace on.

It’s must better to get this maintenance done at the beginning of summer, so it won’t sit for summer months unused, when the problems can likely get worse from disuse. The next best time, is at the end of summer, before you are going to start needing to turn the furnace on for fall and winter.

Furnace Maintenance Lengthens Furnace Life

When Hinse Mechanical comes in for the furnace maintenance, they will do a visual inspection to ensure no part is obviously broken or worn out and all safety controls are intact, wire connections are in good condition. This is not a comprehensive list of what the maintenance schedule consists of, but homeowners can get a good idea of how thorough this process is. After the visual inspection, they will clean the burners and burn compartment, clean the flame sensor and thermocouple.

Next, they will visually inspect and clear the ignitor, starter and pilot, followed by checking and replacing the furnace filter if necessary. They will clean the blower, check and flush drains and traps, lubricate all moving parts and turn the furnace on to run a cycle. The technician will then run a variety of tests to ensure the furnace is in good working order. After the maintenance is done, they will share with the homeowner the results, and a list of repairs that they can expect in the next year or so. This way, they can be prepared for what is likely to come.

If you have a problem with your furnace, and want to know if you should have furnace repair Sherwood Park or replacement. Or if you would like to help your furnace last longer with regular maintenance, give Hinse Brothers Mechanical, their expertise will give you peace of mind, especially as we head into the coldest winter days ahead.