Air Conditioner Sherwood Park | When to Choose a Ductless Mini Split AC System

Air conditioning systems are becoming as important as heating systems. How to choose the right system for your needs requires research and expert advice. One of the best ways to understand the options you have available is to call Hinse Brothers Mechanical for a free in-home consultation. They will be able to assess your unique situation and show you the best solution to cooling your building or home.

Ductless Mini Split System

One of the options that many people are going with is a ductless mini split system for their air conditioning needs. By the name you likely understand that this system does not tie into ducts. It is a different type of heating and air conditioning system that combines an outdoor and indoor unit. Every outdoor unit can have up to four indoor units in operation. There is a fan coil on the indoor unit and a condenser on the outdoor unit.

There are two types of systems available to choose from: cooling only and heat pump. The heat pump system is capable of heating and cooling. The cooling only system will function even in cooler temperatures outside. It can withstand -17 Celsius to 50 Celsius. The heat pump system will withstand -30 Celsius to 30 Celsius.

Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split AC System

The advantages to choosing a ductless mini split system for your air conditioning needs is that it is ductless. This is great for any home or building that does not have duct work in place. You may have a radiant heat source. This system can be added to keep your building cool. Another great feature of the ductless mini split system is the higher efficiency it provides. It blows cool air from a fan coil to one room directly. If you compare that to a traditional air conditioning system, that is highly efficient because there is no leakage like there is from ducts. A lot of energy is lost that way.

Something else that people really enjoy with mini split system is that it is noticeably quiet. When it comes to planning out the zones you want to have your ductless mini split system to keep cool there are some things to keep in mind. You can have four indoor units running off one outdoor unit.

This means you could have a cooling unit in the living room, bedroom, hallway, and kitchen. They are all separate zones and its up to you how cool you want to keep each zone. Each one is separate from the next. For example, you can leave the bedroom unit off until you need it for sleeping but still be enjoying the coolness in the living room watching a movie or in the kitchen when preparing meals. Each zone is its own entity and manages its own cooling needs.

You may be wondering what applications this system would be a good candidate for. If the building, you want coolness in has radiant heating this system makes for a good solution. Typically, this might be an apartment or condominium building. Another ideal place to install this system is in a nursing home or any healthcare situation where you do not what outside contaminants getting inside the building. If you need to retrofit to an existing home this makes for a good choice in cooling system.

If you are finding that an addition to a building or home is not getting enough heating or cooling this ductless mini split system is an excellent choice to meet your needs. You may be doing renovations and need an easy answer. Lastly, if you just want additional higher level of comfort in different rooms this is the system for you.

Air Conditioner Sherwood Park | When to Select a Ductless Mini Split AC System

Let us take the mystery out of how a ductless mini split system works. There is a fan coil on the indoor unit. This is also known as an air handling system. As warm air blows over the coils it is cooled. The coils inside the unit have refrigerant that is being pumped from the outdoor unit. As the refrigerant is pumped from the coils and the air flows past it the evaporator coil takes the cool air and blows it into the room. The heat from the room is absorbed and brought out to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit dispels the heat. Cool air is blown back inside through the refrigerant lines to the indoor unit.

As mentioned earlier this system has a higher operational efficiency. There is a one room only cooling option. With traditional duct systems there is a lot of leakage and wasted energy trying to cool multiple spaces at once. Keep in mind that closing vents to certain spaces can cause poor airflow issues through the ducts and this affects the function of a traditional air conditioning unit.

Main Reasons to get a Ductless Mini Split AC System

Some of the main reasons you might choose the ductless mini split system is that you are unable to use a traditional system. This could be that you do not have ducts, or you have an additional room that has been added to the space, or you just want to add extra cooling to a specific location in your home or building. Another reason you may choose this air conditioning system is that you want a quieter option.

There is less start up noise and even less operational noise. You can rest assured that there is no exhaust that comes from the system. As mentioned earlier you may choose this cooling option to keep outside contaminants out. The last reason is you may have radiant heat in the house or building which eliminates the choice of a traditional cooling system.

The primary rooms that benefit from this cooling system are the master bedroom, addition rooms that cannot be connected to the duct system, spaces that cannot be contaminated with outdoor air such as healthcare facilities, and residential condominium units or office spaces.

The electrical requirements to install the ductless mini split system are similar to a central air conditioning system upon setup but during operation less is needed. Multiple zone indoor units require extra electrical work due to the extra units in place.

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