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There are some common myths about air conditioning people believe. At one time in Canada, not long-ago, air-conditioning systems were quite rare to have in the home. However, over time and with reduced costs and increased efficiency it is fast becoming a growing statistic, year over year, how many people are installing air conditioning units in their homes. People want the added comfort even if it is only for a few months of the year. The summer months can be quite unbearable for sleeping in many places in Canada not to mention all the other activities done in the home.

These units are becoming as important as heating systems and are tied together in the home. If you are not sure which system to choose for your needs, you can research on the internet but the fastest way to find the right information and to understand the best options you have available is to call Hinse Brothers Mechanical for a free in-home consultation. They can assess your home to show you the best solution that will get you cool in the heat of summer without breaking the bank. As you start your research process you may come to believe some false things about air conditioning.

You may feel that the bigger the unit is the better it will cool your home. This is false. The way to reframe this is to understand you need the right size for your home. More, does not mean better cooling or reduced energy output. The opposite happens if you but too large a system for your needs. This is due to the stopping and starting the unit will do because of it being too powerful to keep your space cool.

An Air Conditioner has multiple functions

You may be of the thinking that an air conditioner’s only function is to cool your home. Many people feel this way but in fact the unit does more than that. An air conditioning unit is an effective humidity removal system. This is good news for those that live in high humidity areas. When the unit is running it reduces and controls the humidity by taking it out of the home all the while keeping you cool in the home.

This next myth may surprise you. People believe that heating and cooling systems operate separately. The fact is they share several features. There is a blower fan on the furnace that blows air throughout the home for heating and cooling. Another thing to keep in mind is having the equipment matching in place. When your system is set to cool the functions on the system must be set for air conditioning.

When talking about ratings, many people think that the SEER rating is the only thing to worry about when it comes to rating the efficiency of your system. There are other factors to consider too. The installation, the status of the equipment, and the cleanliness of the ducts as well as furnace air filter all add to the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

You may have an air conditioning system that is older, and you found out the refrigerant is banned. Although it is a common myths about air conditioning systems, this does not mean you have to immediately replace your system especially if it is still functioning great. What it does mean though is that your refrigerant may become increasingly more costly due to newer units not having this type of refrigerant.

Most common myths about Air Conditioners

Opposite to popular belief the price of the air conditioning unit is not the most important factor when deciding which one to purchase. This is only one thing to consider of many. The most important factors are the quality of the unit and the company you choose to install it. As stated earlier you want to be sure to have the right size unit for the space. As for the company you choose to install it, you want one that will not cut corners when installing and will be there for you when you need support with your air conditioning unit.

You may feel that because you have no pets, and you keep a very immaculate home that you can prolong changing your furnace air filter. The truth is if you have a one-inch filter you will need to change it every 30-90 days. If you have a four inch one you can get away with 6 months use.

One of the biggest myths about air conditioning units is that most people feel they can set it and forget it. This is the opposite of the truth. You will need to perform yearly maintenance on the system. This is for two reasons. You will want to be proactive in taking care of this investment. You do not want to only pay attention to it when it is already needing repair. The other particularly important reason for yearly maintenance is that for warranty’s sake no brand will honor it if you have not done your part in maintaining the system.

The other biggest false belief people have about air conditioning units is that they feel they are wasting their money if they replace the unit before it dies. Some things to consider around this is that if your unit is coming closer to the end of its life, it could be costing you more than you think. It is a great time to get a diagnostic from a reputable company like Hinse Brothers Mechanical to see what state your system is in. It may be hemorrhaging money as well as costing you comfort if it is not operating efficiently. You can save money on the energy bills by replacing the old for a new model.

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