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There are many common air conditioning issues and reasons on why your air conditioning might fail, and it always happens just like Murphy’s Law suggests. If it can go wrong, it will but it will in the dead heat of summer. The list about to be shared with you is meant for you to bookmark to reference in the event you run into common home ac problems. It would be advantageous for you to read it ahead of time and be ready for when you need the air to be cool not when it is impossible to get parts or a service company to fix it.

Common Air Conditioning Issues

This happens often to our clients. Just when they need the air to be cooled the air conditioner needs attention. This is not ideal and can leave you frustrated and disappointed as a homeowner or renter. Our suggestion is to read the list and find out where you can troubleshoot and eliminate the possibilities of a simple fix. If you are still without cool air, it is a good idea to call Hinse Brothers Mechanical for a service call so we can get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Common AC Problems and Solutions

The first issue many have is that their air conditioning unit is constantly running. There are many reasons for this, and some are simple while others indicate a more serious problem. You could have a clogged furnace filter. This is a great time to change that air filter and eliminate the issue. This is the most common reason for this. The air conditioning unit needs ample air flow to work properly otherwise the system must work much harder and therefore runs constantly.

The next reason for poor air flow is the heat registers or return grills are blocked. Blocked air flow is a big condition to the air unit working properly. Another issue could be faulty wiring on the air conditioning unit. It could be loose or malfunctioning at the thermostat. The next reason you could have a unit running constantly is that it is not the right size for your home. If it is too big or too small, it could cause the unit to run constantly.

Another common air conditioning issues is that the AC unit will not turn on. Of course, there could be more than one reason for this but the first thing to check is if the breaker is blown or the fuse is tripped. These are easy to self-diagnose but you may need an expert to fix this common air conditioning issues. It is possible that there is a loose wire to the thermostat or unit. You could also just have a malfunctioning unit. This warrants a service call, and you will want to contact Hinse Brothers Mechanical to come assess the situation. They will be able to run diagnostics to find the source of the common air conditioning issues.

Some people find there is no cool air circulating even though the air conditioner is running. This is a common complaint, and it usually happens due to poor air flow, a clogged furnace filter or the unit itself could be frozen up. There is also a possibility that there is a leak in the system. If this last common air conditioning issues is the case, it is time to book a service call to assess the problem further.

Unit Is Overworked

Another reason this issue may be happening is the unit is working too hard because it is too small for the space it is cooling; it is low on refrigerant, or it is competing with a heat source. If you assess the unit and there is a block of ice, it is time to shut it off and have it looked at.

Common Air Conditioning Issues | Don’t DIY, call an expert

If you are smelling a burning smell when the AC is in use it could mean the furnace filter is clogged and its time to change the filter. This alone will cause the AC unit to work overtime and start to burn out because of overheating. Something to remember is to change the air filter every two to three months or at the very least check that it is not plugged.

If you are noticing strange sounds coming from your AC unit there are some things to be aware of. Your furnace is a big part of the AC system, and it may need to be looked at as well. There could be a blower motor that is not working properly or at the very least bearings loose. You may also want to look at the outdoor portion of the AC system as the fan motor could also have loose bearings. They can make a vibrating noise. It is also possible that the compressor is not functioning, or it is on its’ way out. This can be quite noisy.

Issues Related To Air-Conditioning System

If you are noticing excessive amounts of hard starts you may want to look at installing a hard start system booster. This helps bring the noise down as well as it allows the unit to start with less current draw.

Another common air conditioning issues people complain about is the AC circuit breaker tripping continuously. There are multiple reasons for this. It could be a wiring issue, the unit overheating due to a clogged filter or the fan motor on the outdoor portion of the unit could be the problem.

If you are finding your AC unit is turning off and on so often it could be due to air flow, a common air conditioning issues. You may also have plugged ducts. As mentioned earlier if your air conditioning unit is too large for the space it is cooling it may turn on and cool the space quickly then shut off but then the warm air creeps back to the cooled area causing the unit to kick back on. This happens on a regular cycle.

Some people worry that there is liquid leaking from their AC unit. This might be normal and nothing to be concerned with. Condensate flows through a PVC pipe at the tope of the furnace from the evaporator coil. There could also be frost that forms on the evaporator coil causing liquid to drip once it melts.

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