Air Conditioner Sherwood Park | Central Air System or Mini Split System

Making the decision to install air conditioner Sherwood Park in your home or place of business is not a light one. You may have suffered for years throughout the summers, but you have finally jumped the fence and decided it is time to start researching more about what is available to make your days and nights more comfortable in the middle of summer’s heat. Some things you will want to investigate are which type of air conditioning system is the best, what the cost will be and where to call to have a system installed.

The two main types of systems

There are two major types of air conditioning systems to choose from. As you read further you will see the benefits and functionality of both. These two are a central air system and a mini split system. If you do not really know much about either you can learn quickly and easily about which one might work best for your home based on varied factors. It is becoming more popular to have both systems in homes and places of business. There are advantages to using both.

Most people understand what the central air system we have in use in Canada is. At least us Canadians do. This is the primary type of forced air for heating and cooling says air conditioner Sherwood Park. Most homes in Canada use this system for heating. This system is easily adapted to add a cooling unit so that cool air can instead be pushed into the rooms in your house. Clearly just as heat is forced through the ducts, cool air uses the same system thereby being pushed through the ducts to the vents to cool your home. Air flow is a major limiting factor with this type of system according to air conditioner Sherwood Park.

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If you have blocked vents, a clogged air filter at the furnace or return grills blocked this will cause issues with the air conditioning system running efficiently or smoothly.

What are the benefits of each?

A central air system will have an outdoor unit coupled with an indoor fan coil or furnace. This requires duct work to be in place. When you give Hinse Brothers Mechanical a call to get an assessment on installing an air conditioning system, this is the first thing they will look for when helping you decide which system will be best for your home.

The second system and one that is becoming increasingly more popular is the mini split air conditioning system. This one does not use ducts to cool your home or building. This system is made up of an outdoor unit combined with indoor wall units as well as fan coils. The remarkable thing about this system is you can use it for heating or cooling. However, you should note that this system is not recommended as a sole heat source for homes in Alberta. In this scenario it could be added as a supplemental heat source.

Air Conditioner Sherwood Park | Install A Central Air System or Mini Split System

After describing the two systems you may be wondering which one to install in your home to cool you off in summer. Primarily, it is based on the equipment you have in place right now. Of course, having ducts is the primary concern but also something to consider is how central the location of your heating system is. If these two things line up, then a central air system is an excellent choice. If you have a few dead zones in your home, you can add a mini split ductless system to supplement heating or cooling.

If you have a home or building that is extremely hard to heat or cool as it ages, then multiple ductless systems can be installed. All of this is to bring you comfort in your home or building whether it is summer or winter.

The added advantage to the mini split system is being able to set the zone specific to the room without wasting additional energy on central air power. You may have believed that it is a promising idea to close vents to parts of the home or building so that the air is forced to the open ones, but this can lead to issues of poor airflow. A central air conditioning system thrives on excellent airflow. It may stop working properly if too many vents are closed or blocked.

Pros and Cons of each system

Air Conditioner Sherwood Park says that there are numerous benefits to a central air system. It works great in a large home or building. Of course, it only works if you have ducts in place. The costs to installing it is lower than the mini split ductless system. The finally major advantage to a forced air conditioning system is that you will enjoy having air movement. This is not possible with a mini split system.

A mini split system has its advantages too. Firstly, if you do not have ducts this is a perfect solution for you to get your home or building the cooling and heating it needs to keep you comfortable year-round. This system is highly efficient as compared to a standard AC system. In fact, it boasts two times more efficiency. Another excellent feature of this system is how quiet it is. There is truly little disturbance, in fact it is sometimes hard to detect if it is running other than the heat or cool that is coming from it.

The best feature of the mini split ductless air conditioning system is that you can dial in the temperature you want in individual rooms. The ability to set the temperature exactly where you want it without affecting the next room is a major plus. This is especially great in an office setting where multiple people have diverse needs or wants.

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If you are still wondering at this point if your home has the capability of using either system here are some things to remember. If you have duct work in place and a proper size furnace it is possible to have either system. You also need ample power to power the units. If you choose the mini split system, you will need proper locations to install the fan coils on the walls. Once you have decided to add air conditioning to your home the next thing to do is to call Hinse Brothers Mechanical to set up an assessment.