Sherwood Park Furnace Repair

Call a Repairman!

Is your furnace malfunctioning? Has it turned into a noisy monster that spouts flames and spurts out coal?  Does it break down without notice? Does this all sound too familiar?

If yes, then you should stop relying on home remedies and start seeking professional help. That is because only we can save your furnace from burning down!

What Can We Do?

It is no secret that Alberta winters are cold and brittle. That is why your house needs a functioning furnace in the corner radiating its warmth and glow.  But we have seen that old furnace start to gradually lose its ability to withstand low temperatures. That is why they start to get fussy and start collapsing on the spot. Fret not! For we are here to save the day!

Sherwood Park Furnace Repair

Here are some fatal furnace problems that we can address:

  • Gas Leaks
  • Low Heat
  • Clogged Filters
  • Broken Thermostat
  • Non-functioning Pilot Light
  • Broken Furnace Doors

In a nutshell, we won’t let your misbehaving furnace ruin you week. Rather our service providers are ready to assist with furnace repairs as soon as you call us.

We can fix furnaces – fast.  Sometimes in just a matter of minutes!

Sherwood Park Furnace Repair

What Don’t We Do?

Hinse Brothers Mechanical Inc. is a steady family business that doesn’t rely on any gimmicks or false claims. That is why you can trust us to fix the damage done by wild furnace fires and snooty filters. We promise to cater to all your needs and we will not be:

  • Making messes before we leave
  • Exhausting your options
  • Doing sloppy repairs

As a whole, we have your best interest in mind. And we know the value of happy customers.  We want to bring you peace of mind. That is because we value you over everything else. Rest assured we are a name that you can completely trust. So don’t hesitate to call us in these testing times!

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