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Hot Water Tanks Edmonton

Every home needs a way to heat up the water they will need throughout the building.

Whether it’s for people washing their hands, ensuring they have hot water to do dishes, hot water for laundry, or running a hot bath or shower. This is a much-needed utility device for every family. Not only are there different types and sizes of hot water tanks Edmonton, such as a storage tank style or tankless.

But also there are different types that utilize a wide variety of power to operate. Consumers can choose from electricity, oil, natural gas or propane and even solar power!

When choosing a way to get hot water throughout the home, there are things to consider. People can consult their locals experts Hinse Brothers Mechanical, who can help them understand the variety of options, the pros and cons of each. That way, people end up with the best system for their home, lifestyle and family.

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Hot Water Tanks Edmonton

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What Style Tank Should You Get?

Conventional Storage Hot Water Tank:

This is the most common hot water heater in Edmonton, and are usually what people envision when they think about hot water tanks Edmonton. These come in a variety of sizes, such as 85 litres for a family of 1 or 2. But you can get larger tanks, even over 200 litres for larger families of 5, 6 or more so that you generally never run out of hot water.

These usually will have propane, natural gas or electricity as their fuel sources. Although these are the most common, the biggest reason people are moving away from this type, is because they are always using energy in order to have hot water ready if someone wants to use it.

This means even for large periods of time, such as the hours you are away at work, or are sleeping, you are expending energy, which increases utility bills.


Tankless Water Heaters or On Demand Water Heaters:

Just like the name suggests, these hot water heaters don’t store water like their more common counter-part. Rather, they heat the water up as people need it. The benefit is that they are more energy efficient, and they don’t utilize energy keeping water hot to use like the water tanks, so energy is not needed while your family is sleeping, or out of the house.

While this might sound like a no-brainer to most families, Hinse Brothers Mechanical says the reason why people might hesitate to install these in their home, is because they are more expensive to purchase. And the second reason, is that when demand for hot water is very high, they may not be able to heat water fast enough. For example, if someone is having a shower while the dishwasher is running.

Discuss the pros and cons with your local experts, Hinse Brothers Mechanical to decide on the best unit for your family, home and individual needs.

What Fuel Source Should Your Hot Water Heater Have?

While hot water tanks Edmonton come with a variety of fuel sources, not every option may be available to you in your area. You may also only have certain connections in your home. For example, natural gas is an extremely economical utility. But if you don’t already have a natural gas connection in your home, the cost to install one may deter you. Again, have a conversation with Hinse Brothers Mechanical to determine the best energy source for your hot water needs.


All homes will have the connection for an electric hot water heater, so the installation will be simple with a lower installation cost. It is also very efficient, energy wise. Unfortunately, electricity is a more expensive utility to operate, it heats the water slower, and during a power outage, you don’t have hot water.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas is a popular option with how inexpensive it is to pay for. It also heats the water up quickly, and will not quit during a power outage. However, if you don’t have a natural gas connection in your home, it will be a higher installation cost, partially because how much more time consuming it is to install, and you must be aware that it is a flammable gas, and families should be aware of natural gas safety precautions.


Propane is also an inexpensive method of fuel, however the installation is the same as with natural gas. If you already have a connection, installation will be quicker and less expensive. If you don’t have a propane connection in your home, it may end up being too cost prohibitive. However, while propane is a much cleaner burning gas, so if you are wanting gas, and will pay for either one to be installed, many people prefer propane.

What Size Should You Get?

This is important if you are going to get a water tank style hot water heater. Hinse Brothers Mechanical will help you do the calculations you need. If you get a hot water tanks Edmonton that is too small for your needs, you will constantly run out of hot water.

However, if you get a tank size that’s larger than you need, you will be using much more energy to have more water than you need heated up and ready to be used. Some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing what size of hot water tank to install include:

  • How many people are in your home
  • Do you have a dishwasher
  • Do family members shower or have baths

The general recommendation is that the more family members in your home, the larger tank you will need. Typically, the more people in the home, the more dishes, laundry, and showers that are going to be needed. Also, the more people, the more bathrooms there will typically be, increasing the ability to use hot water as well.

The following is a guide to what size of hot water tank you may want to consider:

  • 2 people             80 – 125 litre tank
  • 3 people             125 – 180 litre tank
  • 4 people             180 – 225 litre tank
  • 5 people             225 – 290 litre tank
  • 6+ people           300+ litre tank